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About the Product
1Application Area

It can be used in all buildings and interior facades. It is suitable for use by applying a thin layer on concrete, aerated concrete and drywall. Care should be taken that the coating to be applied on it does not prevent the breathing ability of the plaster.


• Water mixing ratio: 9 liters / bag
Consumption: Approximately 1,3 kg / m² / mm
Shelf Life: 12 months in unopened packaging and in a dry environment.
Packaging: 25 kg Kraft bag, 1.500 kg pallets
• Standard: LW-CS II in accordance with TS EN 998-1
• Maximum grain size: 1 mm
Compressive strength (28d):> 2.5 N / mm² (depending on the plaster machine)
Thermal conductivity coefficient λ: Approximately 0.5 W / mK
Water vapor permeability μ: Approximately 15
Bulk density: <1300 kg / m³
• Minimum plaster thickness: 3 mm
Maximum plaster thickness: 5 mm
• Consumption: Approximately 4 kg / m² in 3 mm layer thickness.

Air Conditioning Healthy Plaster and Paint Systems are designed to improve the indoor climate. Klima plaster is a mineral based plaster containing natural limestone. It is breathable and acts as a natural moisture regulator. This effect is multiplied by its microporous surface. It can absorb more moisture in a much shorter time compared to standard interior plasters. After reducing the humidity, it gives it back to the indoor air slowly and evenly.
In addition to the function of forming a smooth surface, a very, very important and important function is added to the plaster with the air conditioning product. Air conditioning plaster and paint systems help keep the ambient humidity between 40 and 60 percent, which is the ideal rate. When the humidity in the environment exceeds 60 percent, it starts to absorb that moisture. When it falls below 40 percent, it releases the moisture it absorbs into the environment. He is constantly trying to keep that place between 40 and 60 percent. Which is very important in this humidity range. Because mold, fungus, bacteria, allergens and viruses inside the building cannot find a chance to live in this humidity range. In fact, according to the latest researches, the corona virus cannot find a chance to live in environments where the relative humidity in the room is between 40 and 60 percent. The lime content in the conditioning plaster significantly reduces the risk of aggressive micro-organisms. Its high pH value between 12-13 makes it resistant to fungi and bacteria. In addition, the antistatic surface of the plaster does not allow small dust particles to accumulate; In this way, it creates a healthy, clean and pleasant environment in the interior.

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