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Acrylic Based Putty | Handycoat Flex

It is a general purpose, acrylic based, flexible crack repair sealant that can be used on interior and exterior walls. In cases where normal sealants are not sufficient, it creates a waterproof, dust and moisture resistant feature on the applied surface.

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Acrylic sealant Joint fillers
About the Product
1Application Area

Used between concrete structures, around doors & windows, behind skirting boards and moldings, repairing plaster and concrete cracks, joints of different materials where high flexibility is required.


• It is waterproof.
• It is resistant to weather conditions.
• Its flexibility is permanent (± 15%).
• It dries quickly.
• It is easy to apply.
• It has high adhesive power on all kinds of surfaces.
• Paint can be applied on it after 24 hours.

3Quality Assurance Certificates

ISO 9001-ISO 14001, TSE (TS 13794)

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