ARDEX PU 30 One Component Polyurethane Primer

Brand: ARDEX

Multi-purpose polyurethane, reaction and resin-based primer with additional components, suitable for indoor and outdoor use on the floor.

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- For smooth and dense substrates.
- It is used as a barrier against moisture not more than 4% present in cement screeds and concrete floors.
- In case of underfloor heating, it is used to prevent maximum 3% humidity.
- It is used to strengthen the surface and edges on absorbent cement screed, calcium sulphate screed and concrete subfloors.
- Floors used as a primer on absorbent and / or non-absorbent subfloors:
* Cement, calcium sulphate and magnesite screed
* Not well sanded and / or old asphalt screeds
* Floors to be renovated with old remains on them
* Moisture sensitive wooden subfloors, for example; chipboard, osb, mdf etc. floors made of slabs
* Dry screed construction elements, such as; calcium sulfate building plates etc.
* Old SMP adhesive residues
* Ceramic coatings and terrazzo floors

• Fast drying
• Coating can be applied after 1 hour.
• Single component, ready to use
• Low viscosity
• High impregnation feature
• Multi-purpose and easy to apply
• Low emission
• Water-based, solvent-free