ARDEX P 82 Epoxy Primer

Brand: ARDEX

Reactive 2-component dispersion with artificial resin, suitable for use indoors, on walls and floors, absolutely solvent-free, providing adherence on shiny and smooth surfaces.

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As a primer and adherence layer;
- Prefabricated concrete surface can be applied to smooth and dense floors such as very smooth cement screed.
- Poorly sanded cast bituminous screeds
- Anhydrite screeds treated on old cast bitumen surfaces
- Magnesite screeds
- Chipboard surfaces
- Wooden surfaces
- Terrazzo
- Sandstone
- Ceramics and tiles
- Clinker
- steel sheet
- Laminated surfaces
- Polished, oily and plastic painted surfaces
- It is applied under correction paste and thin bonding mortars.

• Does not contain solvent
• Neoprene - applied instead of primary
• Does not cause danger in storage, distribution and application