ARDEX P 51 MIX Primer for Absorbent Surfaces - Ready to use

Brand: ARDEX

Surface primer that is suitable for use indoors, floors, walls and ceilings, absolutely solvent-free and cuts contact with water thanks to its white resin dispersion.

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- For bonding dusty surfaces, eg. It is used in sanded absorbent anhydrite and anhydrite screeds, for priming cement screeds for filler, leveling and to hold floor coverings.
- It is applied as an adherence bridge in flat concrete floors, especially in dense cement screeds and chipboards, as a filling and leveling coating.
ARDEX K11 T provides adherence bridge for self-leveling screed in improved anhydrite screeds, terrazzo, sandstone, ceramic and slab coatings
- covering the pores of concrete floors and cement screeds; - It prevents air bubbles from coming out of the floor in subsequent processes, - It prevents the absorption of mixing water in subsequent coating processes.
- It is used for lining gypsum, anhydrite and chipboard for thin layer mortar. It provides adherence bridge for plaster based coatings in flat concretes. It is used to prevent dust formation for filling and self-leveling coatings for use after a short time.

• Does not contain solvent
• Strong, secure and wide range of applications.
• As a primer, it improves adherence and allows the pores to be closed, significantly decreasing water absorption.
• It prevents the formation of air bubbles on the finishing plasters or self-leveling floor coverings applied to the surface.