ARDEX P 4 Fast Multipurpose Primer

Brand: ARDEX

Absolutely solvent-free, white resin dispersion with special additives and silica sand.

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Primer for porous and dense surfaces;
- Concrete
- Cement and cement plaster
- Cemented mortars and calcium sulphate screed
- Ceramic and all kinds of coating
- Terrazzo
- Dispersion coatings
- Old, water-resistant residues
- Slats
- Ideal for plasters.

• Indoor and outdoor, on the wall, floor and ceiling
• Strong, safe and wide application range for absorbent and non-absorbent dense surfaces
• Fast drying, after just 1 hour the other process can be started.
• Does not contain solvent
• One component ready to use
• Easy to apply with a roller or brush, with reduced dripping and flowing properties.
• Easy to apply