ARDEX K 80 Self Leveling High Strength Screed

Brand: ARDEX

Cement based screed with ARDURAPID effect, suitable for use on industrial floors and places with heavy load traffic, applied in one go, with an application thickness of 5-50 mm.

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- It is a self-leveling cement-based fast-setting and curing floor covering material used for the purpose of finishing, smoothing and leveling the floors, especially before the finishing of the final floor covering.
- It is applied on rough concrete, concrete floors, screed and damaged floors.
- Ceramic, natural stone, etc. It is used as a top floor in basements, workshops, warehouses and industrial spaces in order to correct old broken floors.

• Indoors
• Possibility to apply thick application without cracks
• Pumpable
• Surfaces that can be coated in a day
• Superior running properties and high efficiency
• Polishable, smoothing and fine leveling screed
• Possibility to use as top coat

TS EN 13813’e göre CT-C30-F10- AR0,5 sınıfı standardı belgesi
CT : Çimentolu şap malzemesi
C30 : Basınç dayanım değeri 30 N/mm2
F10 : Eğilme dayanım değeri 10 N/mm2
AR0,5 : En büyük aşınma derinliği, μm=50