ARDEX A 46 High Strength Correction Filling Mortar

Brand: ARDEX

High strength repair mortar used in filling, correcting and making ready for coating of cracks, damaged places on walls and floors indoors and outdoors.

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- Concrete, screed, masonry, aerated concrete, plaster, old tiles or ceramic, etc. It is used as a correction or repair mortar on coatings.
- It can also be used as a finishing surface where required or desired.
- It is used on the bottom surfaces of self leveling screeds.

• High strength as filling material
• Fast hardening, early strengthening feature
• Filling cracks and holes
• Correction of defects
• Creating an inclined surface on the ground where necessary
• Subfloor preparation in a short time for bonding ceramic
• Correction of landings and stair steps before coating
• Easy to apply
• Water and weather resistant
• Desired final coat surface can be obtained with a sponge or steel trowel.

CT-C20-F5 class standard certificate according to TSE EN 13813
CT: Cemented screed material
CT20: Compressive strength value 20N / mm²
F5: Flexural strength value 5N / mm²