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Interior Insulation Plaster

Brand: Fixper

A ready-mixed interior insulation plaster containing Portland cement, expanded silicates and inorganic fillers. It is modified with additives, which are not harmful to health and environment, according to European filler directives and ISO requirements.It fulfils HEAT, SOUND and FIRE insulation conditions.

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Sound insulation Fire insulation Thermal insulation plaster Decorative plaster Jacketing insulation plaster with perlite Fire protection Exterior insulation
About the Product
1Application Area

It is used directly on the interior walls of the buildings, columns and beams, on rough and fine plaster, brick, pumice bloc. Primer, must be used necessarily on concrete, gas concrete and painted surfaces.


• Packing 50 L/Bag (±%02)
• Appearance White Powder
• Application Temperature -5°C+30°C
• Application Thickness 10 mm – 50 mm
• Application Time 45 Minute
• Method of Application Steel Trowel-Pump
• First Drying 1 Hour
• Setting Time 72 Hours
• Fire Response Class A1
• Theoretical Powder Consumption 14-16 L/m²/cm
• Dry Density 240 Kg/m³
• Thermal Conductivity 0,047 W / mK
• Compressive Strength CSII (2,2N/mm²
• Water Vapor Permeability 8
• Capillary Water Absorption W1
• Adhesion Strength 3,2 Kgf/cm
• Sound Insulation (2cm Thickness) 22 db/500hz
• Fire Prevention (4cm) F120 / 120 Minutes

3Quality Assurance Certificates

ISO 14001:2015