ARDEX A 828 Plaster and Filling Plaster

Brand: ARDEX

It is a white colored material based on plaster and synthetic material.

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- Leveling or plastering walls made of brick, concrete, aerated concrete, plasterboard, wood or insulation plates, paint, wallpaper, etc. It is used to make it ready for coatings.
- Large areas of pits and defects formed on the ceiling or walls can be filled.
- It can be used to cover joints between plasterboards, and to fill holes, cracks and gaps. It does not require joint tape.
- It is applied for leveling walls made of lime sand, flat panels and panels.
- Fills the joint gaps between prefabricated elements.
- Used in applications where various armature or plumbing equipment is anchored or carriers are mounted.

It is based on plaster and polymer additives.
• It is a fast setting filling material with the advantages of fine plaster.
• Seals the joints between plasterboard and cladding plates
• Can be applied in any thickness
• Does not collapse or crack on the gaps it fills.
• Fireproof

TSE EN 13963’e göre 4B sınıfı standardı belgesi