Building Plasters | Stucco Plaster

Brand: ABS Alçı

It freezes in a short time; It is a construction plaster used for repair, fixation and surface protection. It has the ability to set in a very short time. It is easy to apply. It allows simple fillings and repairs to be done quickly. Provides temporary and removable protection to all kinds of surface coatings.

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It is used in fixing the electrical installations to the wall in interior spaces, small-scale repairs, ceramic, granite and marble etc. It is used to prevent the surfaces from scratching.

• Water / Plaster ratio: 7-7.5 lt water 10 kg gypsum
• Setting start time: 5 minutes
• End of freezing: 12-15 minutes
• Compressive strength: ≥100 kgf / cm² (4x4 blocks)
• Flexural breaking strength: ≥45 kgf / cm² (4x4x16 blocks)
Passing through a 200 micron sieve (at least): 99%
Loose unit weight (powder): 700-750 kg / m³
Dry unit weight: 1000-1050 kg / m³
• Reaction to fire: A1
Packaging Type: Polypropylene bag
Net weight: 25 kg ± 2%