Building Plasters | M95 Gypsum Spray Plaster

Brand: ABS Alçı

It is a gypsum-based bagged ready-made plaster applied by spraying with a machine. It balances the moisture level in the environment thanks to its breathing feature. Provides comfortable and waste-free application thanks to its extended working time. It can be applied with a mixture of hands on details such as door and window fronts. It creates a smooth, paint-ready surface in a single coat. It does not require finishing. It is an A1 class fireproof building material.

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Indoor concrete, exposed concrete, brick, pumice block, aerated concrete, etc. used on surfaces.

• Water / Plaster ratio: 10 kg M95 in 4.5-5 lt water
• Setting start time:> 50 minutes (according to TS EN 13279-1)
• End of freezing: 220-250 minutes
• Amount of consumption: 10-11 kg / m² per 1 cm thickness.
• Compressive strength: ≥20 kgf / cm² (4x4 blocks)
• Flexural breaking strength: ≥10 kgf / cm² (4x4x16 blocks)
100% passing through a 1500 micron sieve
• Passing through a 250 micron sieve (at least): 70%
Loose unit weight (powder): 800-850 kg / m³
Dry unit weight: 1050-1100 kg / m³
• Thermal conductivity value: 0.39 W / mK (according to TS 825)
• Reaction to fire: A1
Type B4 / 50/2 - Lightweight Plaster for Building (Spraying)
Packaging Type: Polypropylene bag
Net weight 35 kg ± 2%

TS EN 13279-1,2