Cubotherm DT-3100 Ultra Decorative Plaster

Brand: CUBO

It is a white and gray cement based, polymer added, mineral textured top coat decorative facade coating reinforced against cracking with fiber reinforcement. It is produced with grain texture and line texture. It is produced in 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm, 2 mm thickness and with line texture.

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It is used as a decorative coating on all interior and exterior facades plastered with thermal insulation systems.

• It has high water vapor permeability thanks to cement and polymer additives. Thus, it allows the building to breathe.
• It has a low water absorption value and prevents problems caused by moisture and humidity formation on the surface.
• Thanks to its fiber reinforcement, it prevents physical risks such as stress and vibration-induced cracking in the structure.
• Impact resistance performance is high.
• It can be applied easily by providing high operability performance to the applicator.
• It provides high adhesion and adherence performance to the applied surface.
• When the thermal insulation system is applied correctly, it does not cause capillary cracking or shedding.
• Thanks to the mineral structure it contains, it takes a pattern and provides a decorative appearance on the surface.

TS 7847