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About the Product
1Application Area

- Office buildings, conference rooms, etc.
- Schools, colleges, libraries, social centres, tutoring centres, etc.
- Hospitals, residences, apartments, hotels, etc.
- Restaurants, industrial kitchens
- All underground drainage systems between the building and the main pipeline
- Sustainable / green buildings
- Waste gas transport in industrial areas
- Industrial areas


• High Impact Resistance – Flexibility
Thanks to the flexible molecular structure of its raw material, it has higher impact resistance in low temperature environments than other rigid plastic pipelines. It reduces to zero the risks that will cause water leakage in waste water systems such as earthquake-induced breaks and cracks in high-rise buildings.

• Superior Chemical Resistance
Polypropylene is one of the raw materials that can be dissolved in wastewater and has high resistance to chemicals. Therefore, GF Hakan HT-PP waste water pipe systems and fittings offer the most suitable installation solutions for chemical drainage. They are resistant to wear and tear.