Fireproof and Soundproof Pipe System | Silenta Extreme

GF Silenta Extreme is a PP-based, halogen-free, fire-resistant (B-s1;d0) and sound-insulated 3-layer wastewater pipe system within the scope of EN 13501 standard. It has been produced with the highest technology for you in order to increase your comfort and safety with its developed special structure.

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• Office buildings, conference rooms, etc.
• Schools, colleges, libraries, social centres, tutoring centres, etc.
• Hospitals, houses, residences, apartments, hotels, etc.
• Restaurants, industrial kitchens
• All underground drainage systems between the building and the main pipeline
• Sustainable / green buildings
• Waste gas transport in industrial areas
• Industrial areas


• Halogen-free superior structure
• Soundproof multi-layer structure
• Adds value to the structure
• High impact resistance
• Superior chemical resistance
• Smooth inner surface
• Excellent resistance to corrosion and long service life
• 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly
• Easy installation and application
• Does not emit toxic and lethal gas in fire
• Pipe Structure 3-layer, Polypropylene-based halogen-free composite structure
• Diameters: d50, d75, d110, d125, d160, d200
• Pipe Length [mm]: 150, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000
• Sound Transmission: 18 dB(A) at 4 L/s (EN 14366)
• Fire Class: B-s1,d0 (EN 13501)
• Joining Method: Rubber Gasket and Socket Joining (Push-Fit)
• Clamping: With GF Hakan Silent pipe clamps
• Color : Dark Blue (RAL 5017)
• Assembly: Thermal Expansion Coefficient
• Tensile Strength: 13 N/mm2
• Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: 0.06 mm/m°K
• Chemical Resistance: It is resistant to organic and inorganic acids suitable for pH values ​​between 2-12.
• Installation Temperature: Minimum: -10 °C Maximum +97 °C
• Operating Temperature: Minimum: -10 °C Maximum: +97 °C
• Application Class: B/D (building / drainage)
• Ring Stiffness: ISO/DIN 9969, Ring Stiffness is at least 4.0 kN/m2 in all size ranges between 50 Ø and 200 Ø diameters.
• Impact Resistance: According to EN 1451

Afiti-Licof (Spain): Non-Flammability Report, Fraunhofer (Germany): Sound Performance, TSE (Turkey): Halogen Free Certificate