Duramax Corrugated Piping Systems - HDPE & PP

Brand: Duramax

Duramax is a high quality multilayer sewer pipe system made of HDPE.

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Drainage Systems
- All above and underground drain systems
- Sewage systems
- Industrial waste water drainage systems
- Domestic waste water drainage systems
- Drainage and earth ground waters transfer lines
- Unpressurised water transport systems
- Discharge systems
- Rainwater discharge systems

Ventilation Systems (without pressure)
Office buildings, conference rooms, schools, colleges, libraries, community centers, tutoring centers, hospitals, houses, residences, hotels, apartments, etc.

Centralised Vacuum Cleaning Systems (-0.5 bar)
Siphonic systems

Exhaust Gas Systems
Waste gas transport at industrial areas.

Chemical Transfer Systems
Industrial areas. (short and long term usage)

Strom Water Management Systems
For detention, retention and infiltration purposes.


• The product range consists of 100 mm to 1000 mm bushed or unshielded pipes and fittings.
• Double layer structure increases pipe rigidity. With its specially designed rib structure, it is extremely resistant to heavy ground and traffic load.
• Smooth inner surface prevents sticking of solid waste. It has superior hydraulic capacity.
• Can be used in underground drainage systems and areas with heavy traffic load.
• Resistant to temperature changes and chemicals, also suitable for acidic liquid transfers.
• Flexible, easy to use and suitable for installation.
• It does not leak and wear, it is superior resistance.
• Halogen-free, lethal and toxic gas in the fire.
• 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Diameters [mm]: d100 mm - d1000 mm / Perforated d100 mm, d150 mm, d200 and d250 mm
Ring Stiffness: SN4 and SN8
Pipe Length [m]: 7 m
Joining Method: Gasketed
Color: Outer layer: Black / Inner layer: Blue - SN4 Orange stripes, SN8 Blue stripes
Chemical Resistance: Resistant to organic and inorganic chemical environments between pH 2-12
Installation Temperature Minimum: -10 ° C Maximum: 35 ° C
Operating Temperature Minimum: -10 ° C Maximum: 35 ° C
Standard: EN 13476-3

Russia GOST, Poland: Rekomendacj, Ukraine Sepro, Turkey: TSE