PPR & PP-RCT Pipe and Fittings

Brand: Pilsa

Wavin PPR and new generation PP-RCT pipe systems, produced from the highest quality raw materials, are used for years in hot and cold water installations with a wide product range. Wavin PPR pipes and fittings are manufactured from white Polypropylene Random Copolymer. In addition, PP-RCT pipes produced from new generation Type 4 raw materials are also included in the product range. Wavin PPR and PP-RCT group includes PPR pipes and fittings, PP-RCT pipe, glass fiber reinforced PPR pipe and basalt reinforced PP-RCT pipes.

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Wavin PPR and PP-RCT pipes and fittings are designed for hot and cold water systems and are also suitable for industrial water transportation. It can be used safely in pipes, hot and cold water installations, heating installations, industrial pipe installations (considering chemical resistance), compressed air installations.


• Diameter of 20-200 mm, type 3 PPR, type 4 PPR-CT offer single layer or multiple composite system options from raw materials.
• There are 10-16-20-25 Atu pressure options.