Apollo O-PVC Pipe

Brand: Wavin

O-PVC Apollo pipes, which have an impact resistance of up to 10 times compared to U-PVC pipes, can be laid down to -20ᵒ cold. Apollo pipes are used in pressurized infrastructure clean water lines. Since it has a thinner wall thickness compared to standard pipes, it provides better flow opportunity and contributes to energy conservation. It is easy to apply thanks to its flexible structure and allows the use of minimum additional parts.

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It can be preferred in infrastructure, clean water lines, irrigation, fire hydrants.


• Raw Material: Lead-Free O-PVC (Biaxial)
• Connection Type: Plug-in joint fittings
• Diameter Ranges: D110 - d315 mm
• Pressure Classes: PN 10 and PN 16

There are many advantages offered by Apollo pipes, which minimize the problems experienced in Pe 100 and U-PVC pipes:
• Flexible and sealed connection
• High impact resistance
• Use even in very cold weather
• No fire
• Better hydraulic performance
• International trust and TSE
• Additional parts and time savings