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PPRC Pipes

Completely hygienic plumbing and superstructure group pipes with a service life of 50 years.

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About the Product

• The service life of PPRC pipes is 50 years.
• PPRC pipes are completely hygienic. It does not hold algae and does not breed bacteria. They have an international hygiene certificate and have health certificates from the Hygiene Institute.
• It is highly resistant to chemicals. It can work in acidic and basic environments. It does not rust and does not corrode.
• PPRC pipes are easy to lay. It reduces the cost of the project by saving labor and time.
• PPRC pipes are resistant to high temperatures. It can be used safely at 95°C, which is the maximum temperature that can occur in heating installations.
• PPRC pipes do not react with materials such as cement and lime in flush-mounted applications, and do not require special insulation material on the pipe.
• PPRC pipes do not give waste, they are laid without wastage.
• PPRC pipes are light, easily transported and stocked.
• Relevant standards of PPRC pipes; TS 9937, DIN 8077-78, DIN 4726-28.
• The inner surface of PPRC pipes is smooth. Particles in the fluid cannot adhere to the inner surface of the pipe and time-dependent cross-sectional contractions do not occur.