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About the Product
1Application Area

• Central heating / cooling air conditioning systems
• Hot and cold water systems
• Drinking water and treated water supply systems
• Industrial piping systems (transfer and discharge of chemicals)
• Compressed air systems
• Solar collectors




• It is highly resistant to high temperature and pressure and has a long service life. PP-R pipes and fittings are manufactured in accordance with TS EN 15874-1, TS EN 15874-2, TS EN 15874-3, DIN 8077, DIN 8078, TS 13715, DIN 18836 standards.
• Pipe and fittings are available in d20-d200 mm diameter range.
• High chemical resistance, non-corrosive
• It is capable of fast, easy and practical installation by using socket, butt and electrofusion welding.
• It is produced in white, gray and green colors.
• Hygienic.
• Halogen-free, lethal and toxic gas in the fire.
• 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.
• GF Hakan Aquasystem PP-R Pipe Systems are produced in 6 different types according to their usage areas and customer expectations:
- PP-R Standard Pipe Systems (PN10-PN16-PN20)
- PP-R Glass Fiber Reinforced Pipe Systems (PN20-PN25)
- PP-R Glass Fiber Reinforced Air Conditioning Pipe Systems (PN10)
- PP-R Stable External Aluminum Foil Pipe Systems (PN25)
- PP-R Aluplus Stable Medium Foil Tube Systems (PN20)
- PP-R UV Resistant Pipe Systems (PN20-PN25)

Pipe Structure: Single Layer - Standard Pipes / Multi Layer: Glass Fiber Reinforced Composite Pipes - Aluminum Foil Composite Pipes
Diameters [mm]: d20, d25, d32, d40, d50, d63, d75, d90, d110, d125, d160 d200
Pressure Classes: Standard PPR Pipes PN10 (SDR11), PN16 (SDR7.4), PN20 (SDR6)
Glass Fiber Reinforced Composite Pipes: PN10 (SDR11), PN20 (SDR7.4), PN25 (SDR6)
External Aluminum Foil Composite Pipes: PN25 (SDR6)
Middle Aluminum Foil Composite Pipes: PN20 (SDR6)
Length of Pipe [mm]: 4000 mm
Joining Methods: Socket Fusion Welding, Butt Welding, Electrofusion Welding, Mechanical Threaded Connection, Flanged Connection
Color: White, Green, Gray
Chemical Resistance: Resistant to organic and inorganic chemical environments between pH 2-12
Installation Temperature: Minimum + 5 ° C - Maximum + 40 ° C
Operating Temperature: Standard PPR Pipes: + 5 ° C - + 70 ° C / Glass Fiber Reinforced Composite Pipes: + 5 ° C - + 95 ° C / Aluminum Foil Composite Pipes: + 5 ° C - + 95 ° C
Application Class: B (Building)
Standards: EN15874-1 / 2/3, DIN 8077-78
Thermal Elongation Coefficient: Standard Pipes: 0.15 mm / m ° K / Glass Fiber Reinforced Composite Pipes: 0.035 mm / m ° K / Aluminum Foil Composite Pipes: 0.030 mm / m ° K
Heat Transmission Coefficient: 0.24 W / m ° K

4Quality Assurance Certificates

Spain: AENOR, England: WRAS, Lloyd's, Germany: DVGW, SKZ, HYGIENE, Turkey: TSE, Ukraine: HYGIENE, SEPRO, Russia GOST, HYGIENE, Bulgaria: A Bulgarkontrol


West65 Serbia, IKEA Spain, Turkey Acibadem, Hospital of Toledo, Spain, Holiday Inn Hotel Mauritius, Saudi Arabia's Jabal Omar

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