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PETRA, one of the leading companies in the flooring industry, was founded in 1993. In a period of more than 20 years, in addition to its rapidly increasing market share, it gained a solid place in the sector with its superior quality and service understanding.
Adopting customer satisfaction as the basic principle, PETRA works with a customer-oriented approach, producing and implementing fast solutions in a very short time.
PETRA, as one of the basic company principles, always adopts to provide environmentally and humanly beneficial products. All the floor materials in the PETRA product range aiming to support good designs with sustainable approaches, as well as the economic values ​​they add to the customer. PETRA, which has all the environmental and quality certificates that can be taken in its own product group, is the representative of the world's most discreet manufacturers with its management adopting the principle of environmentalism.

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PETRA / The Flooring Co.

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