Alno Acoustic Systems | Focus Room

These are the applications made in order to be protected from the harmful effects of noise by getting rid of unwanted sounds in living spaces, to reduce the sound radiating from noisy areas to the environment and to create suitable usage conditions in places such as wedding halls, meeting rooms and conference halls. Controlling the spread of sound in the environment is the most important goal in sound insulation. Sound behaves like any other physical event when an obstacle appears in front of it while propagating in a medium. That is, part of the sound is multiplied and reflected back. A part of it is swallowed by the obstacle in front of it. Music sounds and speech sounds are examples of these sounds. With Focus Room, one of the new trend partition systems designed to increase the efficiency of department workspaces and to create healthy communication environments, Altınbölme now creates a spacious and bright environment that belongs only to you, and offers solutions that will make your meetings and short meetings more efficient. These systems, which can also be called focus areas, are the saviors of times that require you to concentrate completely on work, in isolation from the crowd. These systems, which add a new dimension to the office layout, are offered to your service with open Focus Room or closed Focus Room with glass partitions.

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Business centers, hotels, convention centers, public and educational institutions, health facilities, etc.

• Open Focus Room: Designed to encourage space and staff flexibility, remove department barriers, create an efficient workplace that reflects the individual's value, and encourages communication.
• Closed Focus Room: It is a specially designed table, focus cabinet, or a partition that can support business activities and where demands can be selected. Focus groups, workshops, and functional briefing activities, and special designs for special teams.