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Alno Acoustic Systems | Focus Room

It supports the open office layout of focus areas. When setting up a new office space, there are two different planning methods, closed and open, to design successful Focus Room partitions. Open offices are known to increase productivity, but some businesses and departments may need silence to focus better. Focus Room aims to maximize natural light by adopting the open plan layout, and to increase the flexibility of the working environment, personnel and department. It consists of combinations of partitions to facilitate a variety of meeting styles, from expandable meeting rooms to quiet booth seating areas.

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About the Product
1Application Area

Business centers, hotels, convention centers, public and educational institutions, health facilities, etc.


• Open Focus Room: Designed to encourage space and staff flexibility, remove department barriers, create an efficient workplace that reflects the individual's value, and encourages communication.
• Closed Focus Room: It is a specially designed table, focus cabinet, or a partition that can support business activities and where demands can be selected. Focus groups, workshops, and functional briefing activities, and special designs for special teams.