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Alnowall Movable Partition

Partition wall systems, which are applied with the help of glass and panels, using the support of aluminum profiles, create a connection between the floor and the ceiling, and are applied as movable partition walls or fixed glass partition wall systems. While movable partition wall systems provide the advantage of flexible use in offices thanks to their opening and closing modular structures, they also allow the creation of temporary individual spaces.

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About the Product
1Application Area

Hotels, congress centers, business centers, public and educational institutions, entertainment centers; It offers flexible, functional, and high-level solutions for any environment needed in every sector, from conference halls, meeting halls, exhibition halls, wedding and organization halls to training halls and offices.


• Alnowall consists of independent modules that slide with roller bearings in a rail fixed to the ceiling. This system does not require non-aesthetic floor parts or floor joints.
• Perfectly aligned and soundproof when closed.
• Sliding motion is provided by one or two bearings and high-strength rollers.
• Each module consists of a metal frame covered with 16/18 mm thick wooden panels.
• These modules can be completed with a wide variety of coatings. The threshold profiles that provide the insulation at the bottom and top of the module are manually operated with the mechanism in the vertical profiles.
• Rubber seals on the threshold profiles ensure that the modules are closed between the rail and the floor.
• The last module of the system is a telescopic module that slides sideways and closes the system horizontally. It is operated manually or electronically with a remote located in the starter module.
• Alnowall can replace all modules except the telescopic module, with door modules of various sizes and types, without compromising the functionality of the system.
• Alnowall produces ideal solutions in the division of spaces by providing excellent sound insulation in spaces higher than 10 meters.