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Alnoplan Partition Wall | G100

The Alnoplan G100 system is a 100 mm thick, vertical non-profile, double-glazed, glass-glass partition wall system. High sound insulation is provided with 10-10 mm tempered glasses. There are no vertical carrier and glass profiles between the glasses. A thin transparent polycarbonate lath with 3M adhesive tape on both sides or thin aluminum lath is used between the glasses, so that the environments are transparent, completely open to daylight, and provide integrity in the workplace. A thin transparent polycarbonate lath with double-sided 3M adhesive tape is used between the glasses in corner turns and "T" joints.

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About the Product
1Application Area

Business centers, hotels, convention centers, public and educational institutions, health facilities, etc.


• System thickness: 100 mm
• Glass joint: clear polycarbonate glass to glass adhesive lath or aluminum joint profile with 3M double-sided adhesive acrylic foam tape
• System weight: Approximately 50 kg / m2
• Dimensions: Units of special width and length depending on the architectural design concept (standard one-piece unit size max. 1.000 x 3.000 (h) mm)
• Construction: It is a system without a vertical carrier profile between the glazed units, and the pillar carrier profile is located between the glazed unit-door frame and full units. Galvanized steel floor and ceiling profile (DIN EN 10327, DIN EN 10143) or aluminum floor and ceiling profile (EN 15088)
• Glass Unit: 2x10 mm tempered / laminated glass - 2x1 mm tempered / laminated glass
• Glass surface: Film-coated glass, extra clear glass
• Aluminum surface: E6 / EV1 natural anodized, colored anodized, or electrostatic powder painting in the desired RAL color (75 micron)
• Blinds: Manually or electrically controlled horizontal stripes of 25 mm or 50 mm width centered between 2 glasses.
• Solid panel: 18 mm chipboard or MDF formaldehyde emission class E1 (optional B1 class MDF or A1 class special plate)
• Filled panel surface: Natural wood veneer, melamine, HPL laminate, fabric, glass painted surface, steel aluminum, magnet, lacquer, projection screen, 3D or acoustic surface
• Insulation: 60 mm rock wool, density 52 kg / m3 (A1 class)
• Wall organization: Wooden or glass hanging shelves, blackboard, magnetic panel, cabinet system integrated with the organization of the wall.
• Door Frame: A 2.4 mm thick 25 mm aluminum framed door unit previously assembled in the factory environment (installed on the door leaf and lock)
• Door leaf: Wooden door leaf or glass door leaf. Wooden door leaf 40 mm wooden door leaf (natural wood, HPL laminate, MD Flam coated or lacquered) with natural polished on hardwood leaf edges Glass door leaf 10 or 12 mm tempered glass door leaf or 5 + 5 mm laminated tempered glazed door leaf
• Door accessories: They vary according to the architectural design concept and the security levels determined for the space. (standard barrel lock, stainless steel or aluminum door handle)
• Profile clipping: The glass profile with the post and the door profile with the post are clipped together.
• Ground adjustment: A steel floor adjuster is used.
• Partition wall concept: The location (school, hospital, office, hotel & restaurant, bank, congress & meeting area) varies according to the function.