Plasterboard | Rigidur® H

Rigidur® H Fiber - Gypsum boards are boards produced by Saint-Gobain with advanced technology, high fire resistance, flexible, durable and environmentally friendly, long-lasting, suitable for interior and exterior use.

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- Light partition walls in residential and commercial areas,
- In private areas in residences requiring sound insulation,
- In all areas where impact resistance is required,
- In general areas that need sound insulation such as school and meeting rooms,
- On surfaces where fire safety needs must be met,
- It is used in lightweight partition wall systems that require fast application.

• Format: Sheet
• Type: Type GF-C1-I-W2
• Color: Light brown
• Thickness (mm): 12.5
• Flexural Strength (N/mm2): 6.9 “DIN EN 15283-2”
• Modulus of Elasticity (N/mm2): 4050 “DIN EN 15283-2”
• Brinnel Hardness Value (N/mm2): 35 “DIN EN ISO 6506-1”
• Thermal Conductivity (λR): 0.35 W/mK “DIN EN 12667”
• Water vapor diffusion resistance coefficient (μ): 19 “DIN EN ISO 12527”
• Density (kg/m3): ~ 1200 “DIN EN 15283-2”
• Fire Performance: Rigidur H® contributes to fire resistance with its non-combustible core structure. It is in A1 fire class according to DIN EN13501-1.
• Effect of Ambient Conditions on Gypsum Board: Rigidur H® is not suitable for use in damp and wet areas. It is not suitable for use at temperatures of 50oC and above, but there is no harm in using it at low temperatures.
• Stability: Rigidur H® is stable. Oxygen in the air etc. It does not react with gases.