Bondex Decking Stain

Brand: Bondex

BONDEX Decking Stain is a long lasting, durable, matt, outdoor translucent wood colorant with its formula that supports the natural structure of wood. Bondex Decking Stain extends the life of wood by providing much longer life protection than oils under normal conditions. The product has been tested in Malaysia, with a significant increase in wood durability. The product is absorbed by wood like oils, but unlike oils, it forms a thin layer on the wooden floor surface and protects the wood longer. Bondex Decking Stain is suitable for all types of hard / soft wood.

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It can be used on all outdoor wooden floors.

• It protects the surface against fungi, mould and UV-rays.
• It is water repellent.
• Provides long-term durability.
• It is ready to use.
• Consumption: Depending on the application method, the absorbency of the wood and the quality of the surface, approximately 15-18 m2 / L
• Packaging: 5 L