Wood Protection System | Garden Furniture Care Oil

Nippon Paint Garden Furniture Maintenance Oil is a high quality maintenance oil produced with a mixture of specially selected natural oils, specially developed for the care of hard woods such as teak, and can be applied to other wood types.

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It can be used safely on materials produced from hard wood (teak, iroko, etc.) such as all kinds of exterior wooden surfaces, wooden garden furniture, garden parquet, swimming pool edges, floor coverings, sea vehicles (ships, boats) decks and piers.

Nippon Paint Garden Furniture Care Oil extends the life of the wood by making it resistant to water thanks to its wax-containing structure. It revitalizes the wood by replacing the superficial natural oils that diminish over time as a result of outdoor weather conditions. It has the feature of easy application and is easy to penetrate into the wood. It does not form a film layer on the surface. Provides care without disturbing the natural appearance of the wood.

Depending on the type and absorbency of the wood, it can be applied on an area of ​​18-22 m² with 1 liter in a single coat. There may be a change in color and consumption depending on the type of wood used, the condition of the surface, the number of layers to be applied and the method of application. A controlled sample study should be done for exact consumption.

It can be stored in its unopened package, in a cool and dry place, away from frost and direct sunlight. Close the lid of the package immediately after use in an airtight manner.

15 L, 2.5 L