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About the Product
1Application Area

MIRZASTO is applied on interior walls, plaster, exposed concrete and wooden surfaces after the surface preparation with a suitable primer. It is used with the final coat product EFFECT FINISH.


• It can be applied easily as it has special fillings inside
• The pattern and sanding can be done easily
• Due its high vapor permeability, it allows surface to discharge the steam and breathe
• On MIRZASTO application, there should not be any problem of early drying as the product features don’t allow this
• As it is water-based, it is harmless to human health and environment.

Depending on the surface smoothness, its porosity and the application methods, for a single coat application:
- 1 lt covers 4,0 – 5,0 m² of surface
- 1 kg covers 2,3 – 2,9 m2 of surface
- The paint consumption for 1 m2 area is 200 – 250 ml and 350 – 450 gr..

It should be stored in a sealed package, in a cool and dry place and protected from direct sunlight and at a temperature between +5oC and +35oC.

3Quality Assurance Certificates

This product is produced by Deka Paint, which has TS EN ISO 9001, TS EN ISO 14001, TS 18001 standards compliance certificate.