Functional Paint | Sketchy Whiteboard Paint

Transparent interior paint that transforms the applied surfaces into a blackboard and allows writing with boardmarker style pens.

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Nippon Paint Sketchy can be used in both business and home environments. It is suitable for any setting, from the living room to the bedroom, from the meeting area to public buildings such as an office or school.

With Nippon Paint Sketchy, you can turn a smooth surface into a high-quality whiteboard suitable for heavy use. Thanks to the transparent structure of the product, you can get not only white writing areas, but also writing areas of that color by applying Nippon Paint Sketchy on whatever color your wall is.

Depending on the absorbency of the surface, an average of 3.5-4 m² can be painted with 0.25 L in one layer. A controlled sample should be made for exact consumption.

If stored at 5 to 35 ° C / 40 to 75 ° F in a cool and dry place, it has a minimum storage period of 12 months. Keep away from direct sunlight and close the package tightly. Keep out of reach of children.

0.25 L