KEIM Stucasol


Stucasol, the world's first, sol-silicate binder, ready-to-use, mineral-based potassium sol-silicate plaster. Close to 450 color alternatives. It does not need any additional paint layer. The appearance of the particles in its texture is emphasized without a paint layer on it and it reminds of plasters from ancient times. It contains inorganic and absolutely non-fading color pigments. Light and UV resistant tints. It breathes. Provides a matte natural finish. It is a natural, mineral, healthy and safe material.

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All mineral surfaces

• Potassium Sol-Silicate Plaster
• Does not require paint. The surface texture and the grains in the texture are visually unchanged. It provides an archaic, beautiful texture and a characteristic mineral matte finish.
• Does not contain VOCs.
• Provides harmonic, spotless appearance.
• Contains inorganic, colorfast pigments. These pigments are resistant to light and UV and are embedded in the plaster homogeneously with the power of the left silicate binder.
• It is a ready-to-use material and has more than 450 color alternatives.
• Does not spill, does not swell. Color does not fade. It is resistant to light and UV.
• Matte, natural looking. It is extremely long lasting.
• It has high resistance to weather conditions.
• It is a non-combustible material.
• It is waterproof. But it breathes.
• Provides lower renovation cost with longer renovation time.