KEIM Lignosil


Lignosil is the world's first and only patented, mineral-based potassium silicate wood paint developed to protect wooden surfaces against weather conditions. It provides an excellent protection against moisture. It is extremely resistant to light and UV. It is extremely durable and unrivaled in this regard. Maintenance and repair is easy and low cost. Provides a matte natural finish. It is a natural, mineral, healthy and safe material.

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It can be used on all kinds of wooden surfaces, thermowood, etc., indoors and outdoors. Suitable for use on surfaces.

• Potassium Silicate Wood Paint
• It is suitable for use in modern and historical buildings, interior and exterior.
• It has low diffusion resistance.
• Provides perfect moisture protection.
• It is resistant to light. It is resistant to UV.
• It is resistant and durable against weather conditions.
• It provides a matte finish in the desired shape for monuments and historical artifacts. .
• Does not spill, does not swell. Color does not fade.
• It is an ecological and sustainable product.
• Provides lower renovation cost with longer renovation period. It is easily renewed. It is easy to maintain.