Exterior | Silicone Primer

It is an acrylic copolymer emulsion-based building top coat exterior primer supported with silicone.

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Nippon Paint Silicone Exterior Primer is used as a primer on exposed concrete, smooth or rough plastered, mineral-based surfaces, and self-supporting silicone or acrylic-based old painted surfaces that have lost their color.

It establishes a binding bridge between the paint and the surface and reduces the paint consumption. Thanks to its silicone structure, it provides integrity with top coat silicone paints. Thanks to its breathability, it allows the moisture inside the building to escape. It prevents the paint on it from being absorbed differently by the surface.

Depending on the type, absorbency and structure of the surface to be applied, an area of 7-11 m² can be primed with 1 liter in a single coat. A controlled sample study should be done for exact consumption.

It can be stored for 3 years in its unopened package, in a cool and dry place, protected from frost and direct sunlight. Close the lid of the package immediately after use in an airtight manner.

15 L, 2.5 L