Interior Wall | Aliza Interior Paint

Nippon Paint Aliza is a water-based top coat interior paint with superior hiding power with its strong formula and unique texture.

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It is applied after the appropriate priming process is completed on the interior old-new painted / plastered ceiling-wall, plaster, putty, plasterboard, betopan, osb, glass textile surfaces.

Easy and fast application
Does not swell
Water based

Depending on the type, absorbency and structure of the surface to be applied, an area of 15-17 m² can be painted with 1 liter in a single coat. A controlled sample study should be done for exact consumption.

It can be stored for 3 years in its unopened package, in a cool and dry place, protected from frost and direct sunlight. Close the lid of the package immediately after use in an airtight manner.

13.5 L, 7.5 L,, 2.5 L, 1.25 L