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Firestop Spray | Fire Coat

Fire-Coat is a flexible, water-based, acrylic coating used in the joints between the floor and the facade, in the fire barrier areas. Fire-Coat offers excellent movement and acoustic properties along with fire resistance performance. Fire-Coat has up to 50% mobility. Fire-Coat, which is supplied in liquid form in 5 kg, 10 kg and 20 kg buckets, can be poured or sprayed to a certain depth into the gap between the separation elements by using it on rock wool.

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Acrylic floor covering Pipe insulation Fire protection
About the Product
1Application Area

- At joints between walls and floors,
- In linear joints,
- Multi-purpose pipe transition around joints,
- Used in floor / ceiling connection joints.
- Tested according to EN1364-4 for facade applications.


• High flexibility and water resistance,
• Does not contain halogen, resistant to fungus and microbial growths
• Can be applied by brush, trowel or spray (machine)
• Air tight
• Excellent acoustic performance

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