Exterior | Aquatic Exterior Paint

It is a new generation silicone emulsion based, self-cleaning, matt, photocatalytic top coat exterior paint. Click on the "Request an Offer" button below to send the company Dış Cephe | You can send your request for proposal and detailed information for the Aquatic Exterior Paint product. Request Offer Add to Panel Tag: Exterior paint Silicone-based paint Decorative paint Water-based paint

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It can be applied on plaster, scatter plaster, comb mosaic, concrete, gross concrete, betopan, mdf, osb, old painted, terracite-type surfaces that have lost their color.

Thanks to the new labyrinth texture of Nippon Paint Aquatic, the moisture on the wall is easily thrown out, so when the application is made in accordance with the building material standards, the paint spillage is completely prevented. Thanks to the silicone binder filler pigment system developed against severe climatic conditions, the paint completely integrates with the surface and remains durable for many years. Photocatalytic centers created thanks to the special pigments used oxidize the dirt accumulated on the surface and keep the parts and the surface clean. It provides high UV resistance with its silicone-based binder system. It is easily applied due to its spreading feature on the applied surfaces. It saves time and labor. It does not splash or drip while using.

Depending on the type, absorbency and structure of the surface to be applied, an area of ​​6-10 m² can be painted with 1 liter in one coat. A controlled sample study should be done for exact consumption.

It can be stored for 3 years in its unopened package, in a cool and dry place, protected from frost and direct sunlight. Close the lid of the package immediately after use in an airtight manner.

13.5 L, 7.5 L, 2.5 L, 1.25 L