Bi'Boya Silicone Flat Trendy

Acrylic emulsion based, silicone, water repellent, matt, top coat decorative exterior paint.

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Exterior facades

• Thanks to the silicone it contains, it repels the water and ensures that the rain water hitting the façade flows without wetting the surface.
• High water vapor permeability allows buildings to breathe without being blocked out of water vapor.
• Not affected by heavy weather conditions such as rain, snow, humidity, extreme cold or heat; does not swell, crack and color fade.
• It has superior covering power.
• Resistant to alkali.
• It does not smell and does not harm human and environmental health as it does not contain solvent and diluted with water.

Application and Consumption Information
• 24 hours after primer application, it should be thinned with clean water up to 10% by volume and applied in 2 coats by brush, roller or spray system.
• Wait at least 6 hours between coats.
• Depending on the roughness and absorbency of the surface, average 0,125 - 0,130 lt / m² in one layer