Bi’Boya Elastic Comfort

It is an acrylic emulsion based, waterproof, long lasting, matt topcoat exterior paint with extra elastic formula.

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Exterior facades

• It maintains its elasticity even at low temperatures and bridges the cracks in the infrastructure with this elasticity and is not affected by the movements that occur during the settlement of the building.
• It is a completely waterproof paint and provides complete protection against rain; bridges salt spills on the wall, frost cracks and prevents chemical corrosion.
• It allows the buildings to breathe with the ability to throw out the moisture formed inside.
• Resistant to alkali.
• Not affected by heavy weather conditions such as rain, snow, humidity, extreme cold or heat. Does not swell, crack and color fade.
• It has superior covering power.
• It does not smell and does not harm human and environmental health as it does not contain solvent and diluted with water.

Application and Consumption Information
• After 24 hours of primer application, it should be thinned with clean water up to 10% by volume and applied in 2 coats by brush, roller or spray system.
• Wait at least 6 hours between coats.
• Depending on the roughness and absorbency of the surface, average 0,125 - 0,130 lt / m² in one layer.