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Acrytech F Ultra

Brand: CUBO

It is an elastomeric exterior paint based on 100% pure acrylic emulsion, highly resistant to UV rays, hardening thanks to the cross-links it forms, and crack bridging feature.

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Wall panel Decoration Villa, house and mass housing construction Wall covering Exterior paint Decorative exterior claddings Facade silicone sealant Water based paint Exterior facade plaster
About the Product
1Application Area

It is used on all kinds of concrete, gas concrete, briquette, brick, plaster and similar mineral surfaces.


• Thanks to its formulation, it helps waterproofing.
• It has a low contamination tendency, excellent resistance to color fading and high water vapor permeability thanks to the special pure acrylic binder it contains.
• Resistant to harsh climatic conditions, high covering, alkali and chemical resistance.
• Forms a film layer on the surface with its elastic binder structure, it stretches perfectly.
• It bridges the cracks that may occur afterwards and prevents the formation of capillary cracks that cause major problems.
• Depending on the type, absorbency and structure of the surface to be applied, ~14-16 m² (*) area can be painted with 1 Lt CUBO ACRYTECH F ULTRA.

3Quality Assurance Certificates

TS 7847

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