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Architecture & Engineering Software | Rhino

Rhino is a NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines) based modeling tool. Different from other software with its modeling style, Rhino allows many designers to realize what they have in mind with this feature. Since the form is given with Curve objects on its basis, the process of determining the form allows the designer to easily obtain the ideas that are difficult to transfer to the computer environment. It has more than 100 plugins other than its own modeling tools. Rhino is open to software developers thanks to the Script writing option, and thus new plugins with different functions come out.

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Architectural design service Architectural project
About the Product
1Application Area

Architecture, interior design, construction, kitchen, bathroom, landscape architecture, 3D printers, city planning, woodworking, industrial design, jewelery, yacht design, shipbuilding


• Model Creation and Editing
• Drafting
• Digital Production and 3D Printing
• Surface Tools
• 3D Image Capture
• Analysis
• Working on Big Projects
• Compatibility with Render Programs
• Developer Tools
• Grasshopper