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Architecture & Engineering Software | IDEA StatiCa

IDEA StatiCa Connection designs and controls welded or bolted connections, 2D or 3D nodes, anchoring or foundation of all topologies. It presents pass / fail checks according to EC / AISC / CISC standards in a complete report with drawings. For analysis, the finite element based CBFEM method was used. Modeling considers all elements of the node (plates, elements, bolts and welds) as elastic-plastic material. The plastic behavior of the prestressed bolts and welds is also considered. It performs stress-strain analysis of all joints and joints. Increased load is applied, the corresponding stress-strain is calculated and evaluated. Linear analysis of fasteners stability is made. The critical load coefficient is determined with the corresponding deflection shapes. Rotational and axial joint stiffness (rigid, semi-rigid and fixed) and node properties are determined. Seismic checks are carried out. Node design load is calculated recursively.

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About the Product
1Application Area

IDEA StatiCa is used by steel structure project designers, technical drawings and fabricators for steel joint calculations. At the same time, it provides an important added value in reinforced concrete building design with its reinforced concrete module. It is also used in the design of reinforced concrete and prestressed elements.


• General Control: According to various national design codes
• Stress-Strain Analysis: FE model of the steel joint is automatically created.
• Stiffness Analysis: Rotational rigidity of each joint
• Capacity Design: Seismic control of connections that do not transfer torque
• Buckling Analysis: Regional buckling effect and critical load factor
• Design Node Strength: The maximum possible loads in the joint
• BIM Connection with FEA and CAD Software: Build the node from scratch or build using data from Tekla, Advance Steel, Scia Engineer, Robot, Sap2000, RFEM, RSTAB Revit, AxisVM, Consteel, Midas Civil + Gen and other programs.