BIM Content Production

BIM Content is an object library created in appropriate formats for the use of the manufacturer's product on sale as real objects in BIM programs.

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Basic modeling systems are Solid modeling, Surface modeling, Mesh (mesh) modeling and Nurs (curvilinear edge) modeling systems. The models made in these modeling systems, considering the file sizes directly, the use of thousands of objects in an architectural CAD model environment requires very expensive workstations in today's gigantic technologies and forces users. Data cannot be imported directly to software such as Autodesk Revit and Archicad.

The data, which are completely prepared by the companies for production, are not used directly in an architectural software, and the details inside these contents need to be cleaned. In this way, the number of surfaces in the file and the file size of the model are reduced. For architects, these details do not matter, on the contrary, they want less details.