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Autodesk | Advance Steel

Intelligent 3D modeling software for structural steel detailing and fabrication that helps increase accuracy and reduce time from design to installation. Enhance your process with Building Information Modeling and intelligent structural steel detailing and fabrication software. Autodesk® Advance Steel structural steel detailing software is built to help structural engineers, detailers, and fabricators more quickly and easily create information-rich structural models that can help fabricate steel components. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process-based workflow that helps businesses work more efficiently and teams complete projects on time and on budget. Advance Steel helps detailers and fabricators model with their knowledge and helps designers and engineers extend their BIM workflows to detailed modeling.

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About the Product

• Internal steel link design engine
• Structural Steel Modeling: Advance Steel helps simplify the structural modeling process with a variety of smart features. It includes an extensive library of objects and powerful tools that help designers create structural elements. Special wizard tools make it easy to create elements such as trusses, sills, ridge beams, and portal frames. Advance Steel gives you access to a variety of ready-to-use parametric steel connections. The extensive, user-friendly library gives you access to simple and complex structural links, and links are automatically updated when member size changes are made. A built-in steel link design engine that checks link compatibility against AISC and EC3 standards helps you validate your models. Check your steel connections at any time against industry standards and run a report with formulas found for printing and reference.
• Various Steel Modeling: Advance Steel also has powerful tools for the production of various steels. Create more accurate stairs and railings using special wizards. These special wizards save more time by helping you produce straight and spiral staircases, straight and curved railings and lattice stairs. Once created, you can easily modify properties using a wide selection of customizable parameters to suit your project's needs. In addition, you can design sheet metal or model complex folded plate using special commands. These various items can be automatically unlocked during the creation of your workplace drawings and samples can be fully represented within the CNC data to continue manufacturing. Advance Steel also allows you to import other non-standard components for detailing and workplace drawing creation, thus helping you to create a fully built model. For example, you can import components such as engines and tanks and add welds and bolts for better coordination, collision detection and more accurate material calculations.
• Large library of parametric steel connections: Customizable documentation for more efficient production. Autodesk® Advance Steel software helps improve the steel detailing process by providing ready-made templates that help create high-quality drawings. The software also has features that automatically generate CNC data for production. Workplace drawing templates can be used to create more accurate single part and assembly drawings at any time. These can be labeled and sized according to your needs and expectations; therefore, the process may fit the needs of your business. Business templates can be easily customized to fit your current business needs. You can also produce general layout drawings for use during on-site assembly. These clear drawings can be quickly created in isometric, top, elevation, and anchor views, and are automatically dimensioned and labeled using customizable drawing styles. Bills of Material (BOMs) can be easily created using ready-to-use templates. Quantities are defined by the parts used in the rich information model, helping to eliminate waste with more accurate BOMs. Information can also be exported to different file formats so that it can be used in third party systems such as purchasing solutions. Advance Steel also automatically generates computer numerical code (CNC) for use with most machine builders, including welding robots, allowing you to manufacture directly from the 3D model.
• Interoperability for maximum efficiency across processes: Advance Steel offers bidirectional links to design, analysis and coordination tools to help you better work across disciplines and provide a validated outcome to your customers. The Advance Steel Extension for Revit® allows you to import a Revit design model into Advance Steel that includes the structural member as well as the steel connections so you can continue working where the designer left off. Once the detailing is complete, you can take the model back to Revit and use a local one if necessary to submit it manually. You can reload it as a Revit software file... This helps ensure a smoother BIM workflow between design and manufacturing. The same level of interoperability is available as Autodesk® Robot™ Structural Analysis Professional structural analysis software. You can synchronize your model between Advance Steel and Robot to optimize your structural steel and evaluate the design against major standards and codes before fabrication. Finally, Advance Steel models can be imported into Autodesk® Navisworks® software for multidisciplinary collaboration, construction simulation, and overall project analysis so you can work more closely and effectively with other project stakeholders to help reduce the risk of unexpected issues in the business environment.