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Omnis Kompozit

About the Company

Omnis Kompozit Ltd. was found in 2012 to provide solutions in Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GRC) servicing Turkey and its neighboring countries. As the sole authorized representative and distributor of many leading manufacturers in their fields, it serves domestic and international customers with the "Different Vision, Difference-Making Solutions" motto.
In addition to its extensive customer portfolio in Turkey, also services regularly 14 countries. Omnis Kompozit Ltd. continuously adds innovative and industry-specific products to its product range. Some of its product range include, glass fiber reinforcements for the GRP industry, machines for GRP applications, solid and hallow glass beads for polymer industry, as well as glass fiber woven roving which is produced in their own plant. Also supply low weight glass fiber mats, which are preferred in GRP applications where a smooth surface is desired. Omnis Kompozit Ltd., which serves the Composite sector with new products every year, to strengthens its product portfolio. Our company is the largest raw material and machine systems distributor for the GRC market in Turkey. Supplying AR Glass Fibers, concrete mold releases, acrylic polymers and pigments. Also, for the construction industry, offers ecological expanded glass spheres which are preferred to be used in green buildings. The product serves as a heat-sound and humidity insulating material that provides energy saving to buildings. Another important product range is Poly-amide Micro Fiber Reinforcements replacing steel mesh in many applications in construction industry.
The company is a member of the Turkish Composite Industry Association.

Omnis Kompozit Products

Omnis Kompozit

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