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New International Collaboration of Building Catalog : Arcedior

New International Collaboration of Building Catalog : Arcedior

Arcedior establishes the substantial link between designers and suppliers to discover and supply the right product in the building and architecture industry.  Arcedior guides both the designer and the manufacturer during the project design and product supply stages.

Offering a user-friendly platform for both the designer and the manufacturer, Arcedior combines online product selection with offline sourcing support. On Arcedior's website, more than 78,000 products of more than 650 companies are showcased in more than 40 countries. The number of completed projects is over 1000.

In the collaboration between Building Catalog and Arcedior, Building Catalog member companies gain free visibility on Arcedior's global platform. On the platform, BC member companies can create a company page free of charge and showcase their products to a global audience. Thus, Building Catalog member companies go one step further in reaching international designers and architects, exhibiting products, and making sales. Building Catalog members who want more visibility to touch architects on the Arcedior platform can also benefit from Arcedior's special visibility services at a discount.

To get to know more about the platform, please check: https://www.arcedior.com/