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Time for Renewal with AGT

Time for Renewal with AGT

Turkey's leading wood-based panels and laminate flooring brand AGT, since its inception around the world millions of colors to human habitat, adds quality and aesthetics. With its hygienic and unique textures and rich collection of colors and patterns, AGT’s parquet collections stand out with their superior sealing, heat and abrasion resistance, stain repellency and easy cleaning. "Who wants Innovation" motto with wooden floors, a unique touch that makes AGT, Turkey's first private design famous designers laminate flooring series bearing the signature Defne Koz Defne Koz By Design offers the AGT brand.
Adding a brand new vision to the world of parquet, AGT Design By Defne Koz series consists of two different products called Spark and Bliss which blends the natural veins and organic patterns of the wood structure with geometric lines. Bliss attracts attention with its resemblance to the texture of silk, which changes with the reflection of light, and appeals to those who want to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere with a rich floor covering.
Thanks to its 10 mm thickness and NTR sheet property, it maintains its beauty for many years. Spark creates an impressive and strong floor with its mosaic design. With a thickness of 12 mm and a register embossed sheet, Spark is an excellent choice, especially for large rooms or large areas such as the hotel lobby. Bliss's bitter, brown, cream and gray; Spark has a choice of four colors: brown, cream, cafe and gray.
With its unique designs, AGT Parke is leading fashion in flooring and brings nature to living spaces with another new series Effect. Effect, which draws attention with its synchronous surface texture that matches the patterns that give a real tree feeling, draws its inspiration from nature again and takes its name from Alpine, Pamir, Ural, Fuji, Tibet, Altai, Everest, Taurus and emphasizes naturality once again with its unique colors. Effect has three different options: 8 mm, 10 mm Effect Exclusive and 12 mm Effect Premium with enhanced durability, sound and heat insulation.