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Technowood Quality Has Been Approved by UL with EPD Certificate!

Technowood Quality Has Been Approved by UL with EPD Certificate!

Technowood adds a new one to its certificates and continues to apply the concept of sustainability to the building and wood sector with its revolutionary environmental production technology based on the method of coating durable materials with natural wood.

Environmental awareness certified by EPD

Technowood, which brought a modern and innovative approach to the wood industry with the motto ''We are reinventing wood'', has been awarded the EPD Certificate by UL, one of the most prestigious independent auditing companies in the world, within the scope of its reports on the product procurement process and environmental factors in production. Technowood's environmental awareness in production has been proved as it is certified with the EPD Certificate prepared from the technical description of the product, manufacturer details, and the Life Cycle Analysis results.

Combined with the naturality, safety and aesthetic

Technowood adds the EPD Certificate along with its international certificates such as FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and A2 Class Fireproof and takes the wood sector to the next level with its innovative vision. Nourished by nature, Technowood products offer both safety comfort and modern architectural aesthetics to the user by preventing the problems caused by the wood with its high fire-resistance and unique combination details produced with advanced technology in addition to the environmentalist approach in its production.


About Technowood

In 1986, when we started to work with wood material in a commercial way, we understand that one of the biggest problems in this industry is to resist intractable freedom of wood. With 10 years development of technologic wood, (the veneering process of durable materials) we prevent unpredictable bending and the possible deformations caused by bending of wood. We wanted to make some real-life tests on the worst air conditions and we used our materials where there is no chance of real wood can sustain. We exported with our TECHNOWOOD brands to more than 20 countries worldwide and contributed to the economy of the country. Being a first in the world and bringing innovation to the sector. We are proudly going on our way with confident steps.