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Polinet's Newlux PC Panels in “Floating House” Project

Polinet's Newlux PC Panels in “Floating House” Project

The 4th Istanbul Design Biennial, organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV), opened its doors on September 22nd. The Biennial, curated by Jan Boelen under the title of "Schools of School", includes projects of over 200 participants in six venues, each representing different schools. These projects include SO? Architecture's “Floating House” study, which was developed by Boğaziçi University Civil Engineering and Sociology departments and MEF Architecture Department, answers the question of where people will be accommodated after a possible earthquake in Istanbul. Polinet's Newlux PC Panels operating in the polycarbonate sector were used in the study, which covers a temporary housing scenario for the expected Istanbul earthquake. In the project, a fast, easy and safe coating solution was presented with Newlux which provides aesthetic solutions without the need of any joining accessory of roof and facades in small spaces. The “Floating House” work can be seen on the water at the Rahmi M. Koç Museum within the scope of the Biennial until 4th of November.

Newlux PC Modular Panels with a module width of 250 mm and a thickness of 16 mm have a four-walled structure that provides high light transmission and thermal insulation. Newlux PC Panels, which are mounted to the construction with concealed screw housing, can be locked to each other easily and safely with their special side edges. Thanks to this combination detail; roof and facade skylights are covered with practical, safe and continuous transparency without the need for any combination accessories against heat, wind and water.