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New Product from Art Panel: DIY Series Single Stone Model

New Product from Art Panel: DIY Series Single Stone Model

Art Panel's polyurethane DIY series single stone and wood models stand out with their decorative appearance and ease of application.

The hand-painted products by the painter teams provide sound and heat insulation due to their 3-dimensional structure. The polyurethane based stone and wood models used as interior and exterior cladding are very light and do not put any load on the façade.

The application steps of stone and wood models are as follows:
  • Care is taken to ensure that the surface is free of oil and dirt without gluing to the surface
  • Meter, utility knife, spirit level, gloves, adhesive are available before application
  • Double-sided tape, sealant, etc. indoor applications can be made with adhesives
  • Exterior applications can be made with plaster-type adhesives
  • Start from bottom right or left corner
  • Sealant, etc. nailing adhesive is recommended for adhesives
  • Easy to cut with a utility knife
  • In the second row, make sure that the joint lines are installed
  • Two materials cut at corner turns can be glued together