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“Golden Plumb Awards” Meets The Sector for the 29th Time Under the Roof of Building Catalog!

“Golden Plumb Awards” Meets The Sector for the 29th Time Under the Roof of Building Catalog!

As GOLDEN PLUMB International Building Catalog Awards program is nearly approaching its 30th year, it is an award program where companies, organizations, academic groups, research laboratories and entrepreneurs operating in the field of building materials in the Turkish construction industry can compete, it is an award program which also aims to increase its contribution to the development of the sector day by day by supporting products and products by providing new ideas, technology and products in the field of building materials. GOLDEN PLUMB International Building Catalog Awards, where the jury which consists of experts and sector professionals will be evaluating in 3 main categories as 'Innovative Product Award, 'Idea Award' and 'Communication and Marketing Award'.

The advantages that the award program will provide to its participants are as follows: to become competitive in the international arena; to be on a common platform for all companies; to increase brand awareness; to gain awareness in the sector and to develop communication networks for participants in the research and development phase that have not yet turned into a commercial product; to be supported by the BUILDING CATALOG annual media and promotion service; to establish a more interactive relationship with followers on social media; to introduce their brands to the “Architects of the Future”; to provide companies an opportunity to promote in both local and global channels thanks to broadcast partnerships; to take part in the BUILDING CATALOG MATERIAL BOOK 2024.

GOLDEN PLUMB 2023 Jury Panel

The 2023 GOLDEN PLUMB jury panel, consisting of architects, academics, marketing, and digital marketing representatives, will once again have a say in certain categories.

  • Emre Arolat / EAA – Emre Arolat Architecture Founding & Design Partner
  • Prof. Dr. Ece Ceylan Baba / Yeditepe University Faculty of Architecture Dean, Head of Architecture Department
  • Zafer Baysal / DAP Real Estate Development CEO
  • Prof. Dr. Meryem Birgül Çolakoğlu / Director of ITU Faculty of Architecture Center for Advanced Studies in Architecture, Research Group Head of the Circular Economy in the Built Environment
  • Paolo Debiaggi / Architect, Lecturer at Politecnico di Milano Building Technologies Department
  • Nida DeBusk / Project Managing Director, University of North Carolina Greensboro. NCARB, AIA, LEED AP
  • Volkan Dikmen / Heat Water Sound and Fire Insulators Association Board Member, Turkish Acoustic Association Board Member
  • Durmuş Dilekci / Ms. Architect, Dilekci Architecture (DDA)
  • Kurtul Erkmen / Ms. Architect, KG Architects
  • Ayşe Hasol Erktin / Ms. Architect, HAS Architecture
  • Doç. Dr. Duygu Erten / P.E., AIA, ASCE Fellow - Academic/Sustainability Climate Action Leader
  • Tülin Hadi / Architect, TeCe Architects
  • Arzu Işıklı / Facade Industrialists and Business People Association Board Member, Architect, Facade Engineer
  • Gülçin İpek / Architect, Sector Expert
  • Deniz Karabacak / Architect, Technology Consultant
  • Ebru Ünver Karaer / Ms. Architect, Chairman of the Board of Turkish Green Building Council
  • Sibel Keyvan / Communication & Marketing Consultant
  • Mirzat Koç / HIBRID & MKD Inc., Product Designer
  • Tayfun Küçükoğlu / Chairman of the Board of Association of Turkish Construction Material Producers
  • Cengizhan Okur / Chairman of the Board of Association of Facade Industrialists and Business People
  • Günseli Özen / Rota Publications Chairman of the Board & Marketing Turkey Editor-in-Chief
  • Prof. Dr. Seden Acun Özgünler / ITU, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture Materials and Technologies in Architecture Unit Lecturer
  • Francesca Schepis / Architect, PhD, Lecturer at Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria
  • Prof. Dr. Arzu Gönenç Sorguç / METU Teaching Member, METU Design Research Innovation Pre-Modelling Center Director
  • Prof. Dr. Hasan Şener / Istanbul Medipol University, Department of Architecture, Lecturer
  • Prof. Dr. Leyla Tanaçan / ITU Faculty of Architecture Department of Architecture Lecturer
  • Prof. Dr. Çiğdem Tekin / MSGSÜ Department of Architecture, Building Physics and Materials Department Lecturer
  • Banu Uçak / Ms. Architect
  • Osman Hakan Uslu / Member of Insulated Continuous Panel Manufacturers Association
  • Prof. Dr. Onuralp Yücel / ITU Faculty of Chemistry and Metallurgy, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department Lecturer

Evaluation criterias of the award program: technological improvement in the production process of the proposed product; including highly innovative production processes and technologies; observing the ecological balance in production; creating new possibilities by giving a material a new feature; if product’s use in the building is still open to development; the contribution of the building system to the level of industrialization; energy saving in the production of the material, product’s application in buildings and the use of the building, sustainability; safety, robustness and durability; not having any harmful aspects to the environment and health during production and use; originality and innovation; design quality, aesthetics; relevance to context and social cohesion; details, production technology and quality; ergonomics, user orientation and functionality.

GOLDEN PLUMB 2023 Calendar

  • Launching the competition: May 1st , 2023
  • Early Submissions: May 1st  – June 30th  2023
  • Regular Submissions: July 1st – August 31st 2023
  • Late Submissions: September 1st  – October 15th 2023
  • Last Day of Submissions: October 15th 2023
  • Jury Evaluations: November & December 2023
  • Company Presentations to Jury Panel: January 2024
  • Award Show and Announcing the Winners: January 2024

GOLDEN PLUMB 2023 Partners

  • Media Partners: Alu&Art, insaatnoktasi.com, Concepts & Projects, Marketing Turkey, Matek, Building Construction Magazine, Win&Art
  • Supporting Partners: Arcedior, BIMobject, Turkish Green Building Council, Association of Turkish Construction Material Producers, Association of Facade Industrialists and Business People, Association of Insulated Panel Manufacturers

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