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Go Beyond the Standards with New Shapes!

Go Beyond the Standards with New Shapes!

modulyss® New Shapes offers a wider perspective on standard 50x50 cm tile carpets. It consists of 3 different sizes, 25 x 100 cm, 50 x100 cm and 100 x100 cm, which are brought together for original designs.
In today's design approaches, original materials are constructed by using different materials, different textures and forms together. New Shapes brings users together with unlimited design possibilities by removing standard forms and tile carpet size. Combining different textures and colors with materials of different sizes, it provides transitions between spaces.
New Shapes goes out of the frame and brings a new breath to the design.
25x100cm in size, First Absolute, XTRA Cambridge and Alternative 100 series are the standard collection of New Shapes. In addition to this standard collection, all other modulyss® collections are available on request in sizes 25x100cm, 50x100cm and 100x100cm, with a minimum size of 250m².
In the 25x100cm First Absolute, XTRA Cambridge and Alternative 100 series, the following colors are in stock at the factory.
First Absolute: 181, 575, 809, 912, 930, 993
Xtra Cambridge: 21F, 25F, 30F, 41F, 50F, 60F
Alternative 100: 181, 312, 592, 900, 929, 965
The modulyss® collections aim for the best in all their applications and have BRE (Building Research Establishment), CRI Green Label Plus, LEED and DIBT compliance certificates.
Project: ISUZU Headquarters, Kocaeli 2.000m²
Architectural Project: Paradigma Architecture
Photo: Derya Atıcı